CAELINA MAXIMUS is committed to all women, not only through its creations, but also through its actions:

  • Fight against breast cancer (donations and commitment): make a donation
  • Active participation in the #octoberrose movement and member of the Band of Sisters
  • Relaying information on Instagram
  • Promotion of actors committed to the women's cause

CAELINA MAXIMUS is also committed to the environmental plan, so that a healthy planet is that of the future:

  • Local and non-industrial manufacturing, with a view to limiting our environmental impact (less transport, respectful clothing, etc.).
  • Use of materials mainly of natural origin, without chemicals harmful to humans and the planet (natural fibres, vegetable leathers, recycled soles, end-of-stock fabrics from French fashion houses, etc.).
  • Commitment to the Association of Lepidopterists of France , which works for the protection and rehabilitation of protected or threatened butterfly species.

The CAELINA MAXIMUS brand is open to any collaboration within the framework of its human and environmental commitment initiatives.