CAELINA MAXIMUS is a French brand of luxury shoes and accessories.

All manufacturing is guaranteed Made in France, carried out according to traditional know-how, in a quest for quality and exclusivity.

The name of the brand, CAELINA MAXIMUS, pays tribute to its founder and artistic director, Céline MAXENCE.

Originally from Lyon, Céline MAXENCE has been able to give her brand a particular identity, and each of her models a unique character, in order to allow each woman who wears them to control her personality, to display it without complex and above all limitless.

Descendant of a family of silk workers, she has remained very attached to the French art of living as a whole: a character trait that can easily be found in her original but elegant creations and concepts.

Proud of this heritage, the brand's logo is its first ambassador, with an obvious nod to the birthplace of our artistic director.

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